Another of the new VoIP focused startups that is making headlines, they offer free internet based-calling for free after a short sign up-process. The company is yet to come up with a retail system for the voice call minutes points (called jax) which they have coined for the unit of measure they use for their calls. Each user has the ability to get more jax’s as they refer more and more people to use the product at 20jax a referred user. Other than that, there is still no facility to purchase hard jax to use so people have to keep on finding users who would be new to the system to earn more call points. There is also a different rate of jaxs consumption for each and every call type, a local call may consume less jax as opposed to an international one. There is more to expect from the company as they seek to release their product but initially, they are still in the works of ironing up the bugs as they gain more knwoledge on possible problem areas.

Similar to Skype in many respects except for two major advaltages, it has a mobile version that runs on most 3G ohones as well as support for multi-party calls that allows several users to communicate with each other. Both functions are not yet being offered currently but they might have to do so in the near future for they would be lagging behind due to threats from newer more innovative developers. Multi-conferencing is the next development for VoIP for it would make it more enticing for businesses as the next step for their telecomminucation needs. With VoIP PABX’s systems and VoIP on a chip already being embedded in the many consumer electronics products out there, the future is indeed looking bright for VoIP.

Alarming news from the wire, twp Polish researchers have successfully embedded signals piggyback style onto a voip signal. The crazy bit, they used Skype which is considered to be one of the most heavily encrypted VoIP providers on the planet. The move is the type of methodology you usually use if you were a spy, using invisible ink to write secret messages onto a seemingly innocent one.

The news very much raised another red flag in the need for better security when it comes to voip that has still yet to be bullet-proofed and secured against hackers that have started to prey upon the millions beginning to use VoIP as the next trend in communications technology. The move is hailed to be only fit for most people already have high-speed internet connections in the office and home and using it for communication lessens the need for landline phones that have increasing costs for voice and other applications.

Finding a suitable signal form the many passing through the internet and embedding hidden messages within is quite dangerous for it is the stuff global security leaks are made of. Imagine having a spy in the Pentagon sending hidden information along with VoIP calls to other nations, that could spell disaster to many int he intelligence world and a very real threat on national security.

Since the introduction of the very first iPhone unit that was so expensive they were not much accepted and the move of Dobbs to cut prices just a few months after the initial release have all left a bad taste on the mouths of iPhone followers. But even before the first unit was sold, users were already drooling at the possibility of using their iPhones with the tons of applications that are currently available for other mobile users from all over the market, the company Sipgate has releases a free iPhone VoIP software that would allow users of the iPhone to enjoy the benefits of cheaper VoIP over the iPhone’s included call service which is expensive and has received quite a lot of criticism from all over. Some other applications have been available for use on the iPhone but this is one of the best ones for it is after all FREE. The only problem is that it works only on hacked iPhones which may have has some violations on the terms of use and licences of their built-in software and would surely have voided warranties and other technical issues. The system is initially free as it is still in beta status but there is set to be a full-blown release which would surely have respective fee’s applied. The provider gives you 111 free minutes of calls as they aim to use the experience to iron out the bugs and so on.