The new development in pocket pc software is called Mobile Personal Services Platform (MPSP). This platform has been enabled by two technological trends: the dramatic increase in the capabilities of mobile smartphones, and the emergence of small, wearable sensors that can be used with these devices to provide data about a user’s body, behavior and physical environment. Our prototype software uses these technologies to give people personalized feedback and advice on everything from nutrition to the art of conversation. Beyond the workplace This technology is still some way from coming to market. But when it does, it will have important implications for workplace training and personal self-improvement

On May 29th, Hewlett-Packard manufacturer High Tech Computer also filed for FCC approval of 5 new h1900 series iPAQ handhelds. Models expected are the h1930, h1935, h1937, h1940, and h1945. All of the h1930 and h1940 models will have 900mAh replaceable Lithium ion batteries, 3.5″ transflective color TFT displays, SDIO support, and run on the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating platform for handheld computers, Pocket PC 2003, which includes Windows Media Player 9 Series. The h1900 series devices with measure 4.46″ long, 2.75″ wide, 0.50″ thick, and weigh 4.23 oz. (120 g). The h1930 series devices will run on a Samsung S3C2410 processor running at 203 MHz, while the h1940 series devices will run on the same processor running at 266 MHz. All units will come with 64MB SDRAM, 56MB of which is user accessible.

Here is the new distinguished service pack by Microsoft with new features that most people feel have missed in the original Windows Mobile. Spb Pocket Plus was last updated on Dec.6, 2007 with a version of 4.0.2. It is the most powerful plug-in today. It is a well programmed gadget that is easily used via tabs. Its features include: different beautiful skins, easy and smart scrolling, ZIP file support in the file explorer, fast searching using the installed advanced Internet explorer, easily closed buttons, more additional commands, and automatic recover to normal mode. It requires Windows 2003, Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6 Classic or Professional device. So this software is surely suitable for those who frequently use their phone and want to spend less time finding things out.

Watch out for your slimming or weighting diet using your most valued portable mobile device. You can track your diet, monitor your health, and maintain your fitness by defining a diet of your own to get the nutrients that your body needs.

The use of your mobile phone is not just for your work and your busy lifestyle. It can also be a tool in achieving your weight goal. It will help you select the perfect diet plan that will match your diet goal. MyPersonalDiet not only track your diet but also your physical exercises.

For three consecutive years starting 2005, MyPersonalDiet have been a finalist in the Best Software Awards in Health and Fitness category for SmartPhone and Pocket PC.

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Available downloads are divided into different categories like security, games, themes, sports and hobbies, instant messaging, synchronization, navigation and travel, multimedia, and other utilities. Browse through it and find something useful. By the way, downloads are not free but there are still some that are freeware. Commonly the price ranges from $2-$60. Some software may cost more, depending on the usability and the developer of the software.