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Nintendo DS Screen Repair
By Book Worm
Published on 06/30/2008

The calibration on a Nintendo DS has failed - explanation of what we did to fix it.

Nintendo DS - How we fixed the calibration problem by replacing the touch screen.

Like many users of the DS we ran into the problem of calibrating the screen - chasing that dot around on the calibration screen for over an hour before admitting defeat.

After a little bit of research it was quickly identified that the touch screen was at fault - as the display was fine we ordered a replacement touch panel from ebay.

Opening the DS is straight forward, although a tri-wing screwdriver is recommended to remove the security screws. The only time consuming bit was removing the old touch panel from the top of the display and having to remove the old glue (we actually used white sprit to do this) The new display did not have adhesive on in so we used masking tape to hold it onto the display there is just enough room at the edge of the display to do this.

So far the repair has lasted over 3 months with a 5 year old boy using it regularly - so it's not been handled lightly.