How to prep stucco house for paint is the most common query that comes up for discussion. The first step in this process of preparing stucco house for paint is to identify areas which are not to be painted. For every wall that needs to be painted, this is the first consideration. Once established, these areas are to be masked and covered up such that paint is not inadvertently splayed on them while the job of painting is in progress.

Only surface is to be painted is also a very well known and established fact. Preparing the surface that has to be painted is the most important task. Having a dry wall and a clean surface ensures a good paint job that is long lasting.

There are many processes for cleaning the surface. However, the most heard of, and therefore listed as common practice, is to use pressurized water for the cleaning process. There are certain demerits in this process which need to be considered. Under duress of the water pressure upon it could loosen out the stucco material itself. It could also lead to ingress of water under the stucco surface. Exercising caution while using this process is, therefore, recommended.

In order to ensure that water ingress does not take place, cracks and small gaps need to be closed with sealants. This preparatory step would also ensure the longevity of the paint that would be applied shortly thereafter. Painters, especially professional ones, suggest paint to be applied on a wet surface to give better end result. This concept needs to be questioned and considered prior to


The preparatory steps also includes removal of loose stucco that may exists upon the surface as also to ensure the surface is level all over. This would ensure application of a uniform layer of paint all over the surface. Damaged surface areas need to be repaired for this step.

Matching up the repaired area with the rest of the surface area is a difficult process and may require professional help. Two coats of patch up material applied upon the surface is also a good step in the preparatory stages. This guarantees levelling of the complete surface as well as texture match being imposed.

In order to fill up minor cracks of lesser dimension simple caulk could be used. However, for larger dimension repairs it is more advisable to use elastomeric caulk mixture.

Stucco surface or stucco house should be allowed sufficient time between the completion of preparatory or repair works and commencement of the actual paint job upon it. Painters belonging to a big business house may suggest that such time limits are not mandatory. However, the effects of such suggestions would need to be considered judiciously.

The contractor would be the best judge and individual to consult in case of a newly constructed stucco wall, or stucco house that needs to be painted. The curing time required for such masonry work would be best analysed by the contractor.

How to prep stucco house for paint has been explained in these short and precise steps. The job of painting a stucco house could be carried out by an individual or by taking outside professional help. In either case, the preparatory steps remain the same.