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Going Crazy With Computer Repair
By Geo Clark
Published on 03/20/2015
I did not know how many ways there are to protect your computer I also did not know how easy it was to damage your computer

I did not know how many ways there are to protect your computer. I also did not know how easy it was to damage your computer. I have had computers since 1996. There is always a way for something to go wrong. Normally, a desktop computer or a laptop will last about three years. Then, we get a new one just for the better technology.

There are times when they just don’t make it that long. Kids is a four letter word but a good four letter word. Their creativity around electronics can be amazing. We have had screens poked with pens to attack images on the screen. All of the images lived. The screen did not survive the holes. Pictures are not always worth a thousand words. Although, it was a little funny 30 days later.

Yes, we can buy insurance for our desktop and laptops. It is pretty reasonable. Reasonable tends to go away if you have had more than one claim over a three year period. You go from one claim to potentially uninsurable. However, it is still worth it. No matter how many times I tell people not to have their drinks by the computer, they still put them there. No one ever spills anything. Well, except when they are at my house.

Of course, my phase two becomes computer repair. Is there a friend that I know who can replace the computer screen. My recommendation is always to avoid using your insurance unless it is absolutely necessary. If you know me, I go take a look on Ebay to see if I can buy the replacement part. It’s 2015. If I can find the part then I can also find the YouTube video that shows me how to put the part back together. So far, this has only worked with two iphones and one android phone. I have been out of luck with computers.

If I can’t fix my computer, I may try to sell on Ebay to someone for parts. You just have to manage your shipping costs or you can spend a lot of money shipping your item to Canada. I have only done electronics once on Ebay. This was the learning lesson.

The computer repair companies have been good. Normally, you pay $100 just for diagnosis if it is something that is not visible. I don’t know anyone that can get the speed back on a slow computer faster than an I.T. company. Part of that is their experience but the other piece is they have the software to take care of the issue. What good is a top of the line computer that runs as fast as a Commodore 64.

Now, I insure everything. When I buy cell phones and computers, I get all of the protection available to prevent damages. This would include screen protectors, laptop carriers, desktop screen protectors, surge protectors etc. Overall, this has worked pretty well. Things are running smooth. I have another birthday for a teenager that needs a phone coming up. He does not break anything but he tends to lose stuff. We will figure it all out.

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