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VTechCare was founded by Amaan Goyal, an industry veteran and entrepreneur, with the mission to provide online computer repair, technical support services that spans across software, hardware and technical requirements at most affordable prices to customers across the globe.
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Bath and Basin Taps

A tap is one of the most important accessories of your bathroom It enables you to control the flow of water, and makes water available as and when needed

Wall Hung Toilet Designs

As goes the name, wall hung toilets are the toilets mounted on the wall through projections Designed by the Italian designer Antonio Citterio, their designs and style add to the fashion statement and elegance of the bathroom's decor

A Guide For Your Bathroom Suite

Bathroom is an important place in a house that requires proper designing to make it fully useful It is a great refuge to relax after a hard day at work and so should be made comfortable and as per individuals need

Bathroom Taps Can Revitalise an Old Bathroom

If you are tired of your old and dull bathroom, and need a change in low budget, then all you need to do is to change your bathroom taps, and add some classy, shiny and shimmering ones There has been a complete revolution in the styles and designs of bathroom taps these days, with new designs and models being launched every other day such as shower mixer or standalone taps

Bathroom Taps For Basins and Baths

Taps are an inevitable part of bathrooms, not just because of their functionality, but also the fact that they add beauty to the bathroom Bathroom taps can revitalize your bathroom in a low budget

Getting the right temperature for your bath water is essential but a difficult task This has made Bath shower mixer taps very popular as it allows you to test the temperature in the metal base of the bath rim before you put on the tap

Bath Taps Guide

A bath tap is an essential accessory of your bathroom It not only performs a vital function of controlling flow of water, but also adds to the beauty of your bathroom

Turn Up the Heat With a Towel Rail

A heated towel rail provides you comfort and warmth after a bath by providing you a fresh and warm towel However, besides warming up the towel, an electric rail also heats up your room so that you can easily take a bath early in the morning

Stainless Steel Towel Rail Guide

A bathroom is always pictured to be a cold, dingy and wet place A bathroom is extremely cold during early mornings as it has not been used for a long duration

Corner Toilet Design Ideas

Corner toilets are the toilets which can be adjusted into small space or can be adjusted into less area, it does not matter what is the size of the persons rest room Corner toilet unit will help the person to take the advantage on the rest room that is on the hand and it also gives a good look to the person house

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