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Dylis Guyan

Dylis works with B2B business owners and Professional Sales People, to help them attract more prospective clients and convert them into high paying clients who give repeat and referral business. She shows business owners how to sell in a professional, transparent and authentic way. Her clients want to know how to how to attract a consistent, steady flow of ideal clients without having to work so hard. She shows them the What, Why and How with proven, undiluted, step by step strategies on exactly how to get those high paying clients. Because of this those who work with Dylis get more clients in record time and make more money than they ever would on their own. Never be short of clients ever again! Go to http://www.DylisGuyan.com and download your FREE 21 Sure-Fire Ways to Find Your Ideal Client.
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Great salespeople have a unique voice, approach and style which reflects their personality – some people just seem to exude charisma As with any perfect sales pitch, they are selling themselves as much as the individual product

When you book a hair appointment, do you call up the salon and tell them you’re happy for anyone who’s available to do it, or do you have a particular hairdresser who you always try and seeIt’s usually the latter, right

Businesses are started by people with ideas Concepts that they have something to offer and that their product/service will improve the lives of the people who will buy it

You don’t have to be sitting in front of a blackboard, attending a boring sales lecture and sweating over tough examinations to learn something The fact is, as soon as life hits us after the alarm clock sounds – we are learning

Have you ever wondered why some people just have that gift for engaging their clients more than others Why do we hang on every word of the charismatic and the gregarious

We have all been there That off-the-cuff prospect you just happened to call for no particular reason has turned into a really big possibility of a mega-sale

Analyse 2015 to Make 2016 the Best Year Yet!

The New Year and business plans for 2016 are just around the corner and, if you haven’t already, it is time to refine those goals The best place to start the process is by looking back over the past year in order to enhance business productivity even more this time around

Every sales team leader wants ‘A’ grade players An ‘A’ player is an individual who you trust implicitly in their capabilities and in their attitude to the business as a whole

How to Avoid Groundhog Day

Most people have seen the film Groundhog Day As the audience, we are in the lucky position where we are able to watch chuckle and guffaw as poor Bill Murray quietly goes mad as he becomes stuck in the bizarre situation where every day is the same as the day before

NEVER Do This When You’re in a Sales Meeting

Ok, we are not talking here about the downright obvious Clearly, threatening your client with an axe, laughing at his dress sense, yawning, falling asleep or eating enormous slices of oily pizzas are definite no-no’s

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