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Fairchild Semiconductor is extending its rising product line of automotive-category semiconductor solutions for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and electric vehicles (EV) with its new detached and bare die IGBTs and diodes These IGBTs and diodes are perfect for traction inverters, nucleus of all HEVs, PHEVs and EVs that alter the batteries' electricity from direct current into the three-phase alternating current needed by the vehicle’s drive motors

Different Behaviors of Paralleling IGBTS

The paralleling behavior for IGBTs deserves of an special attention that has to be given to the drive circuit, this is due to the variation of the gate threshold voltage of the different chips, simply connecting the gates is not adequate As they are not just a few of them but several, Instead, each gate has to be driven by its own gate resistor in order to ensure that the chip with the lowest threshold voltage does not clamp the voltage for the others and carry all the current

Refrigerators have become essential appliances in society for the preservation of food and beverages The quality of life for people has been greatly enhanced with the availability of affordable refrigerators for homes

Use of IGBT in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and UPS

One of the rapidly growing and diversified industries is the automotive manufacturing, which is the largest with a broad extent in consumer preferences for model, easement and innovation Everyone will profess that severe urban pollution is occurred by the gasoline powered vehicles when these consume dwindling fossil fuel resources

Use of IGBT in Plasma Cutting and Welding

The definition of plasma cutting is cutting different electrically conductive materials (mainly metals such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper) of various sizes and breadth using a plasma jet This torch of plasma is hot enough to thaw the material which is being cut and it moves fast to blow the ragged part away from the present cut

Microfluidic integrated circuits have been originated by the researchers of University of Michigan as a technique to make simple lab-on-a-chip devices that could offer faster, low-cost and more portable medical tests These microfluidic circuits control the flowing of fluid through their devices without directions from outside systems

Story of Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits (ICs) are considered as a foundation of present-day electronics They are the cornerstones of most circuits

FPGA Design & Programming and Comparison to ASIC

A schematic design or a hardware description language (HDL) is provided by the user to define the behavior of the FPGA The HDL form should be used to work with huge structures because it is feasible to exactly specify them by numbers rather than having to draw every piece manually

In the electronics hierarchy, integrated circuits (IC) can either be considered as the base or the apex and both of these positions are conceivably correct Being the initial point, primary building block and foundation for majority of modern electronic systems, the IC also stands for the crest in terms of electronic device (i

Like transistors and computer chips, integrated circuits (ICs) are encased (hermetically sealed) by packages to keep safe the inner chip’s circuitry from tangible impairment and from any kind of defilement like moisture and dust For allowing convenient handling and assembly onto printed circuit boards and for keeping safe the devices from any possible damage, integrated circuits are implanted to protective packages

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