I was looking through some web sites trying to work out what to do with some old domains that are getting a lot of traffic but are not really pulling their weight in terms of generating income and came across this ebook/package.

The sales page is slick enough but, being an associate of Amazon already the screen shot of earnings used as an example seemed a little odd.

Amazon associates are paid a sliding scale percentage so if it really had EUR 14,000+ worth of sales @ a commission rate of 4%, which is paid for low volume sales, these must have been very high ticket prices! The skeptic in me

knows this is a fraudulent screen shot that has been photoshop'd or similar but they forgot to edit the percentage to make it authentic.

Now really wondering just how many of clickbanks products have sales pages that are just fraudulent?

As a side note the sales page say's no website required for the Amazon/PPC advantage the site promotes, this is NOT the case you can no longer bid on PPC direct to an Amazon Astore or Product Page without breaking the agreement you have with Amazon.

To be fair whilst the sites claims are fraudulent the software they are offering MAY still have a use?

Oh, and if I'm wrong and you buy this and make lots of money, give me a call I've a small continent that I can sell you.