Go Click Cash - well you must have heard of this? I've been inundated with hundreds of spam emails for this product - well obviously I visited the sales page and it seems very impressive.

So what the heck.... why not give it a go OPPS!!!!! BIG MISTAKE!

The Software is a PHP script - had to try it on three servers before I could get it anywhere near working (to be fair looking at the support website this seems to be very common and they do offer free web hosting where apparently it works as advertised).

The server I got it to install and kinda work on was xampp; although as I didn't have a mail server setup I did have to comment out line 46 in \installer\server\installer.php where it tries to send an email with the login details.

OK onto a new project and fill all the forms in and run the install process - gets as far as unable to install main image for some reason the script is trying to compare www/wp/wp-content/themes/headlines_enhanced/images/slideshow and this /../../wordpress/server/themes\\computers_internet.jpg it won't match so commenting out lines 456 - 459 in \wordpress\server\wordpress.php solves this and allows the installer to complete WAHOO!

So logging into the newly installed wordpress installation, guessing I was expecting a little more having seen the sales pitch - basically all I got was an old copy of wordpress installed!

Hmm, not so sure that was what I should have - but anyway was able to log on and activate the plugins and change the theme, well not looking too bad (well to be honest if I had done it manually I'd have been really REALLY disappointed with the results.

Anyway all was not lost as the powerful part of the software was the adding clickbank products easily (adsense and amazon are apparently supported as well - never did find out how).

So we created a new template - well we thought we did and the software told us we had, so it seemed likely we had - create a review next but hang-on it's a blank page and the template does nothing although we can add some pictures of ebooks whilst we write our review – about now was when it occurred to me that I’d have been better off just installing a copy of word press in the first place without this ‘software’.

I do now wonder if the person writting the sales page has actually seen or used the 'software'?

Anyway this refers to my experience with Go Click Cash V3.0 I did also try Go Click Cash V2.0 with a simular result - their support is supportive although I cant see any relation between the sales page and the software / script!