We come home tonight after Trick or Treating with our son, a very cold experience (we should perhaps have gone to my parents village where they are expecting it) with nearly every house we visited tonight with lights on was failing to answer the door --- our 5 year olds resilience, whilst fading, he was determined to continue to get a few sweets, at least enough to replace the ones he had given away earlier himself to visitors at our door.

Guess what we found returning home - Our Duvet was Missing - we use two as during the construction of the extention our son still sleeps in our bed and during the night kicks the covers

off and we get cold. So using two duvets at least the two adults can keep warm. We perhaps forgot that we had borrowed one from my brother-in law but are reminded tonight when he claims it back - actually he just removes it from the bed taking the cover off and throwing that on our sons unused bed.

We would not have minded quite so much had we been told but spending 20 minutes looking for a large double duvet which we had left on the bed has caused a little resentment  - but heck it was his duvet and when he wants it it should be returned even if we were still using it, we're just grateful he decided to leave the duvet repossession until we were awake :)