{we are now aware that the l is missinng from the title - thanks to all those who let us know, we includded an extra n and d to make up for it!}

I visited the co-op in St Johns Street Kempston this evening (4-Dec-08) at around 21:05 and bought a few items requiring me to need  a bag to carry them home.


The male cashier serving behind the till had placed the items I had bought (4 cans of larger, a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar and some tobacco) onto an empty carrier bag at the side of the till, this was also littered with receipts left by previous customers . After paying and receiving my receipt and change I waited for a while but nothing happened so I then asked for a bag to which the reply was ‘there is one there’ indicated by pointing to the bag under the shopping and the discarded receipts.


I packed my shopping after freeing the bag from underneath my shopping and throwing the discarded receipts behind the staff side of the counter but at this stage I was already feeling that customer service was being neglected so I asked for details of the head office and was directed to the outside of the store where it should have those details – at this point a helpful female member of staff who had overheard the conversation, and perhaps had seen what I had to go through to get my shopping into the bag,  went out of her way to provide me with a phone number for the customer service department.


OK, I know this is only minor but I’ve never experienced similar in Tesco or Sainsbury’s and working as a Customer Services Manager I am shocked as to the (minor) irritations I have had during this transaction – there is  an Express Tesco nearby offering a high level of Customer Service at all times by well trained staff and I’m left wondering if the fact that the Tesco’s is always busy and the co-op is always quite if this has anything to do with this type of incidents?


I hope this feed back proves useful, I personally like the store as it is nearby and up until now have never had any reason to question the ability of the staff working there.