OK probably serves me right but one of my pc's got infected with a rootkit (Thanks Trend Micro) and all google ads and search results were getting redirected to mainly adult friend finder although there were a lot more.

Steps I took to remove gaopdxserv.sys ; (all the software I've linked to is free to use, donations are welcomed by most of them, although I must admit to using www.prevx.com scanner it is free to scan and will give you the file names to look out for but it costs money if you want it to remove the stuff for you, but the steps below effectivly do the same if not better.)

Downloaded sysinternals rootkit revealer here

This showed a suspicious gaopdxserv.sys was running but was hidden from the API (basically hiding itself).

Booted the computer from a Windows XP disk -

selecting the recovery console to get to a clean command prompt.

deleted all refs to gaopd*.* in c:\windows c:\windows\system32 c:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc there was 4 or 5 entries in total and not in all of the directories listed (sorry didn't keep a list of them).

Rebooted the computer, and all was well again cleaned the registry manually using regedit to remove all references to gaopd and also recycler which was trying to autorun something on the c drive resulting in not being able to open the c drive in explorer.

Used http://www.malwarebytes.org/ to get rid of the multitude of things that had come in while the root kit was there.

and finally ccleaner to tidy up the registry.

Oh and ditched trend micro and went back to McAfee although that may change as it's a little slow!